Jack Sitta



“I am a Junior in Systems Engineering and Design. As a freshman, I utilized the resources that CARE provided for us and it helped me immensely. I look forward to giving those resources and help back to students this year. Don’t be scared, I was where you were and you can definitely beat the challenges ahead of you.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching Netflix, going to movies, working out, and hanging with my friends on the Quad. I love to waterski and be outdoors.”

Major Systems Engineering & Design
Organizations Enactus
Program Skills
  • Inventor
  • Python
Subjects I Tutor
  • Math 231
  • Math 285
  • Math 415
  • PHYS 100
  • PHYS 211
  • PHYS 212
  • ECE 110
  • TAM 210
  • TAM 211
  • TAM 212
  • IE 300