Kaliroe Pappas



“I am currently a senior majoring in engineering physics and plan to minoring  in mathematics. I love science for its explanation of the world around us, and math and engineering because I love puzzles and solving problems. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching TV and movies, working out, and conversing with interesting people. I have also travel a lot in my life, and I speak fluent Greek. Tutoring is something I have consistently enjoyed doing, and I am always happy to answer questions to the best of my ability.”

Major Engineering Physics
Organizations Society of Women in Physics
Languages Greek
Program Skills Python
Subjects I Tutor
  • Math 241
  • Math 285
  • Math 415
  • PHYS 100
  • PHYS 211
  • PHYS 212
  • PHYS 213
  • PHYS 214
  • PHYS 225
  • PHYS 325
  • PHYS 435