Lea Savard


“I am a junior in Engineering Mechanics. After graduation I plan on going to graduate school to continue my education. I am excited to be a part of the CARE program and help anyone who might need it. When I’m not studying you can find me spending time with friends, at the gymnastics gym, or in the arboretum.”


Major Engineering Mechanics
  • Club Gymnastics
  • Theta Tau
  • Phi Eta Sigma
  • French
  • Spanish
Program Skills
  • Matlab
  • Creo
Subjects I Tutor
  • Math 241
  • Math 285
  • Math 415
  • PHYS 211
  • PHYS 212
  • PHYS 213
  • PHYS 214
  • TAM 211
Monday 4PM-6PM
Thursday 10AM-12PM