Supported Study Halls

Supported study halls are a great place to meet other students in your courses, collaborate on homework, and consistently prepare for your next exam in a low pressure environment. In addition, a CARE tutor will always be available to answer any questions. No sign-ups are necessary, you can build this into your weekly calendar!

CARE Spring Break Program Schedule
end on Fri, 3/16 & resume Mon, 3/26

Physics Study Hall (includes: 211, 212, 213, 214)
Sundays 6-8 PM in room 433
Mondays 6-8 PM in room 433

Math Study Hall (includes: Math 220, 231, 241, 285)
Sundays 3-5 PM in room 433
Tuesdays 6-8 PM in room 433

CS Study Hall (includes: CS 101 & 125)
brought to you by WIE, CS, CAR
Sundays 12-2 PM in room 433
Thursdays 8-10 PM in room 433 (starting 3/29)

Additional Support:

The Chemistry Learning Center

Math Department Tutoring Services

Walk-in tutoring center is a great alternative place to ask questions!

**Room 429 & 433 has a maximum capacity.
Overflow will be directed to the tutoring center in the west wing.