5 Minute Facts & Mindful Mondays

Balancing academic demands, social life, and self-care are essential to YOUR success.  McKinley & CARE team up every semester to make sure you have access to health educators, information, and opportunities to learn about many topics in just a few short minutes.


5 Minute Facts: 

5-7:00 in Grainger 4th floor-west wing hallway.  Meet a health educator, access to helpful information, referrals and chances to win prizes!  Grainger 4th floor-West Wing


2/12  Fitness-Fast and easy stretching techniques to use while studying

3/11  Nutrition-Find out how to make good nutrition a priority!

4/8  Stress Management-Come check out some stress management tips.-cancelled


Mindful Mondays:
in Grainger 4th floor-room 404.  Learn relaxation techniques to rest, relax, reboot!

2/10, 3/9, 4/13 (cancelled)

Learn about McKinley Health Center!