Peer Led Teams “PLT”

PLT Sessions follow a format modeled across the country to help students maintain academic success.  The facilitator is prepared to help you practice and refine effective approaches to learning.  Sessions are once a week for 90 minutes, is one credit hour, and is satisfactory/unsatisfactory which is based on attendance & participation.

Questions about the session schedule email,


          PHYS 211                           PHYS 212                        CHEM 102
               Isabel                                 Ted                                   Javi     

         Math 220                            Math 231                            Math 241
            Maria                                  Alberto                                 Jose

PLT weekly sessions include:                                                                                        

  • small working group                                                           
  • led by upper-division tutor                                                          
  • consistent & reliable group                                                     
  • structured way to learn                                                                
  • you won’t fall behind
  • work for a strong final grade!