Freshman Checklist

What’s Next for Fall 2019

Hello students!  As you gear up for the fall semester, we wanted to give you the essentials for starting things off right!  Your hold releases on August 23 and you can make course changes on your own through the first 10 days of classes.  Please note that you don’t have to make course changes and you must exercise caution when changing courses as you might not be able to get back into a course (i.e., SE 101) if you go to make changes! Please consult with your department or college office if you have questions about schedule changes.

Know your official test scores now?
Now that you have your AP/IB/A-level scores, make sure that you are placed appropriately for your fall schedule (especially if a score was lower than you predicted!).  Go to for information about cutoff scores and placements.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the college office in 206 Engineering Hall.  Remember that you are responsible for adjusting your courses as indicated by your actual AP, IB, or A-level scores.  You can start making changes on August 23 when your freshman hold is lifted.  If you need help making changes to your schedule, there will be help available on Fri, 8/23 8AM-12PM & 1-5PM on the 4th floor of Engineering Hall (EH) in room 406B1.

Proficiency Exam Opportunities
If you have not already taken advantage of our proficiency testing, please go to to learn about your proficiency test options. (e.g. If you speak a language other than English fluently, then you could take a proficiency exam to fulfill your language requirement.) Don’t wait to check the schedule and sign-up requirements! Depending on the subject, tests can take place as early as move-in day!

Need to send your most updated records or scores?
If you have updated tests scores or transcripts, please have the testing agency or college send them directly to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (our campus specifically).  The College of Engineering office does not handle these.  See (to submit college course transcripts) and (submit AP scores) (submit IB scores) (submit A-level scores)

Dates & Deadline to know about! click here

Bookmark These:

Engineering Advising Wiki:

Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE):

DARs: Very important! You can keep track of all of your graduation requirements using this tool!

Course Information Suite: Get information on courses, majors/minors, general education requirements and more from this highly useful link:

Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES)
A proactive approach to utilizing resources will be an important part of success!