Make the Most out of CARE Programs

How to Prepare for Tutoring, see schedule

  • Look through your homework before coming to tutoring
    Knowing what concepts or part of a concept you are having an issue with beforehand will help your tutor help you.
  • Be honest with your tutor
    No one will judge you for not understanding the material or not doing well on exams.  Honesty will help you maximize your time with the tutors.
  • Tutors ask lots of questions
    The tutors will guide you through the problems by asking you questions.  The tutor will do more listening than talking.  This can take more time but will help you process, retain, and apply what you are learning!
  • Come in with reasonable expectations
    Engineering courses are not easy and require persistent work.  Come in frequently and keep working at it.  Remember the tutors are students and they may need some time to figure out the problem themselves.
  • Arrive in a good mental and physical state
    Make sure you’re well rested and ready to work
  • Be active in your tutoring session
    Ask as many questions as you need