Early Grade Reporting Guide

A Guide to Interpreting Early Grades

Early grades post anytime from week 5-8.  This is a good time to review your goals, intentions, and progress so far this semester.

Check Your Grades. Early grades give you an idea of what your academic assessment is as reflected by the first hour exam, quizzes, homework, labs, and/or attendance. Check your grades at https://registrar.illinois.edu/check-your-grades.

Measure & Evaluate. Early grades are a routine verification of one’s assessment in a class. A conversation with your TA or professor will help clarify any discrepancies.

Improving Your Grade. Early grades are temporary and will be replaced by final grades. These grades help determining if a class needs additional attention. Link to explanation of grades.  If improvement is necessary, consider the following:

Align your resources. How do you use tutoring and academic support available? Is your lifestyle support your learning demands (i.e., are you eating and sleeping well, are you over-committed, etc)?

Examine your learning routine. Are you putting forth time to learn the material in class (as opposed to simply working to submit required assignments)? Are you learning the material as it comes (i.e., “lecture-to-lecture”) or are you prompted by deadlines (i.e., “test-to-test”)?

Need help with early grade review?
Please use walk-in advising in 206 Engineering Hall!

We’re not only here when you need us, we are here every step of the way!