Top 10 Things Engineering Students Should Know

Brought to you by Engineering Council!

  1. Get Involved
  2. Network Professionally
    • Engineering Career Services (ECS): Provides career management services to College of Engineering students.
    • 2 engineering career fairs hosted each semester – ECS
    • Many engineering RSOs bring in people from industry to talk at general meetings
  3. Go to office hours
    • They can help you with class materials
    • Professors who know students are more likely to give a letter of recommendation
    • Getting to know professors and TAs are great ways to find undergraduate research positions
  4. Ask Questions
    • Be prepared
    • There is no such thing as a stupid question
  5. Study Abroad
    • Take engineering courses abroad
    • Research and volunteer abroad also an option
  6. Manage your time
    • make sure you are prioritizing classes, work, family, friends, clubs, health, & hygiene
  7. Work with Upper Classmen
  8. Take advantage of college resources
    • Whether it’s the Counseling Center, McKinley, the ARC/CRCE, Academic Advising, ECS, or Campus Safety, know what your resources are and how to use them
  9. Set Goals
    • You will never learn more about your coursework or yourself than when in college
    • What do you want to achieve in college? Out of college? In 10 years? Setting goals motivates you to work for something.
  10. HAVE FUN!
    • You will never have an experience like this again!